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Anaconda Crusher CXE5 - Elite

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Crusher CXE5 Elite


Great Tone

Effortless Playability

Great Looks

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The Crusher CXE5 - Elite takes the already great formula used in the Standard model and enhances it further by adding stunning tops plus more options.. These basses are versatile working instruments.  3 ToneZones available, giving you a huge range of useable tones.  This one instrument means no more lugging more than one instrument to your next gig.  Excellent mid range punch and growl with a defined bottom end and a clear articulate top end is typical of the Crusher range.   These basses really cut through the mix. Superb tone, dynamics, versatility and balance.  The Crusher is available both fretted and fretless.

The Sound Clips

A few Sound clips showing the versatility of this bass in passive mode  The tone settings are obtained by coil switching, using the two independent switches controlling each pickup.

The following recording of the Classic Bill Withers song "Use Me" is again in Passive Mode. No eq at all, just a fraction backed off to the bridge pickup. Recorded direct to Pro tools.  


Anaconda Crusher CXE5 Elite

Immaculately presented bass, huge tonal pallette, amazing comfort and playability.  A hugely rewarding bass experience.  Buy and enjoy.

Bass Guitar Magazine Oct 2015

Handcrafted in Great Britain