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Bass Models

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Bass Models

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As part of our commitment to improve design and quality of our instruments,

ATC Music Enterprises LTD reserves the right to change pricing and specifications without notice.

Great Tone

Effortless Playability

Great Looks

Tick black small Tick black small Tick black small

Tribute J

Crusher CX

BassesSelectUJ4 Basses SelectUJ5E BassesSelectTJ4 BassesSelectTJ5E FrancescoCX5small BassesSelectCXE5 BassesSelectCSE6

Ultra JE

Ultra J

Tribute JE

Crusher CXE

Constrictor CSE

Handcrafted in Great Britain

Anaconda Crusher CXE5 Elite

Immaculately presented bass, huge tonal pallette, amazing comfort and playability.

A hugely rewarding bass experience.

Buy and enjoy.


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